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[Appearance] 35th Annual PaleyFest – More Photos Added!

It has been a few days since Jensen attended The Paley Center For Media’s 35th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles – ‘Supernatural’ event and while I had already uploaded a staggering 300+ HQ photos to the gallery I have even more to share!

Below are some video interviews which have been released since the event on Tuesday, as well as a small snippet from an interview with PopSugar.

While it was a blast seeing Danneel Ackles take on the role of Sister Jo, her husband offered some fun, sweet tidbits about the flow of things off screen. “I think I was more nervous than she was, to be honest,” Jensen Ackles told me on the PaleyFest red carpet. “I wanted her to have a great experience, because, you know, this is kind of a show that I’m a cocaptain on, and I wanted to make sure that she was still comfortable enough to do what she’s really good at. And she was.”

We also spoke to Danneel Ackles on the red carpet. While she insisted their relationship was exactly the same on the Supernatural set, Jensen Ackles admitted there was a bit of an adjustment period when she first arrived. “She was basically like, ‘You’re acting weird. Stop it, you’re freaking me out,'” he said with a laugh. “I’m like, ‘Sorry, just, know you, making sure you have everything you need!'” Frankly? Goals.

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