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[News] Happy New Year

Firstly I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! I hope 2018 brings great things for everyone, obviously including Mr Jensen Ackles! For the site we have some exciting things happening, starting with a brand new name! We are no longer Simply Jensen Daily but are now Jensen Ackles Source with a new name comes a new domain, so please be sure to bookmark JENSEN-ACKLES.NET so that you can come visit the site and check out updates (the old domain will work for a while yet but soon it will just be the new one). We now have new names on our social media accounts – the links for which can be found in the top navigation and linked to in the sidebar – if you aren’t already following anything please check it out.

As well as new names for the new year I have also put new themes on both the main site and the gallery; the theme is designed by the wonderful Monica and edited by myself – I really hope everyone likes them!

I hope everyone comes back soon!

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